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Getting Obama Out Of Office

Been doing a LOT of thinking on this issue for some time now and believe me I have lost a lot sleep over it as well.Here are my thoughts as well as the angle I have been thinking about…….

First off, whatever we do, we have to make sure that we think it out from all angles and make double sure that all ends are covered.

Transparency and the DNC ……..

No. 1   In each and every state we need to find out all our facts on all the government workers there are to find. As we all know there are many of these people that are not going to want their dirty laundry exposed like Dodds is right now.  So we need to find all those unwanted facts for each and every one of these people and keep a close running list for every one of them. Not exposing them to fast.

No. 2   After doing all of our homework and getting our FACTS in order, that is when we need to go after the DNC demanding TRANSPARENCY on Obama’s back ground, and if they refuse to do this, we expose all of them. We want his certified Birth Certificate, College Records, Past Pass Ports, Proof he is am American Citizen on and on.

No. 3   We need to bring everyone together on this issue because as I see it, this is the only angle we have right now getting him out of office. We need to protest the DNC heavily as well as the news stations to get them to cover this important issue that in my thoughts were bought off to keep this whole issue with Obama very low keyed and a secret all this time.

If these things weren’t such a high level secret don’t you think Obama and the DNC would have had no problem right from the beginning sharing those things with the people?

No 4    Then we demand that he and his administration step down on the grounds that he is not or ever has been constitutionally eligible to be the president of the Untied States.

OK, this is a start, we need support in every state, lets get every ones feed back and make it happen, I am in!!!


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Starting with the DNC is an interesting idea. Yesterday I was search the web for Constitutional Challenges and came upon a URL listing 30+ lawsuits and Constitutional challenges to various aspects of the Presidents administration. Almost all were dismissed or the Supreme Court refused to hear them. Take a look at this link - it's one of many: http://www.obamacrimes.info/

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